arc21 is the umbrella waste management group for 6 councils in the east of Northern Ireland and is the procuring authority for this project. The proposed infrastructure will complement existing recycling and composting facilities in Northern Ireland which process material collected by the arc21 councils.

At present, arc21’s region accounts for 59% of all Northern Ireland’s municipal waste – 581,019 tonnes for the year to March 2018. Household recycling rates have jumped to 47.1% from just 7.5% in 2000. arc21’s aim is to continue to improve recycling rates.

The technology proposed is part of the overarching solution to radically improve waste management in the arc21 area and is identified as part of the preferred mix of treatment solutions set out in the arc21 Waste Management Plan.

The development of these facilities is subject to the completion of the ongoing arc21 procurement process, securing planning permission and the attainment of various regulatory permits.

About the Becon Consortium

The Becon Consortium was formed to pursue the opportunity created by arc21’s public procurement for its residual waste treatment project. The location and design of the proposals developed by the Becon Consortium in respect of the project and key milestones are set out on this website.

The company behind the Becon Consortium is Indaver (NI) Ltd (previously known as EEW Energy from Waste UK Limited). During the latter part of 2015 and the early part of 2016, Indaver (NI) Ltd was acquired from EEW Energy from Waste GmBH by Indaver N.V.

Indaver N.V. has for over 25 years been providing integrated waste management services to public authorities.  These partnerships deliver services which include: the treatment of municipal waste;  the organisation of waste management systems; and the development and management of specialised waste treatment facilities.

In 2011 Indaver completed the construction of the first municipal Energy from Waste plant on the island of Ireland.  The plant located at Duleek, Co. Meath provides a thermal treatment and recovery solution for 230,000 tonnes of household and commercial waste annually while generating renewable electricity to power 20,000 homes. Each year, across 6 European countries, Indaver manages more than 5 million tonnes of waste, the majority of which is either recovered as energy or recycled.

For further details visit www.indaver.com


Indaver’s Meath EfW, operational since 2011.

Indaver’s Meath EfW, operational since 2011.