House Prices Unaffected by Energy from Waste Plants - Cranfield University Report

House Prices Unaffected by Energy from Waste Plants - Cranfield University Report

22 May 2014

A new research study by Cranfield University published in April 2014 has found no significant effect of energy from waste plants on long term local property prices.

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Planning Application Submitted for £240million Waste Infrastructure Project for arc21 Area

27 March 2014

arc21, the umbrella waste body for 11 Councils in the East of Northern Ireland, has submitted a planning application for new waste management infrastructure which will enable its constituent Councils to meet European landfill diversion targets and manage their waste more sustainably.

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Mills Report calls for ‘Rigorous and Robust Regulatory Activity’ for NI Waste Industry

24 March 2014

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How do you turn rubbish into energy?

24 September 2013

Oslo is one of the greenest cities in the world, with plans to halve its carbon emissions by 2020.

Key to achieving this is the country’s biggest energy recovery facility, the Klemetsrud plant, which generates energy by burning rubbish.

At full capacity, the plant will provide all the heat and electricity for Oslo’s schools and heat for 56,000 homes.

Europe correspondent Matthew Price looks at how the plant turns waste into much-needed energy.

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Incinerator to cut black bag landfill waste

30 August 2013

Five councils in south east Wales have formed a partnership to deal with black bag waste in a bid to cut down on rubbish going to landfill.

The authorities aim to incinerate waste which cannot be recycled and convert it into power in a new project which is receiving a £4m annual grant from the Welsh government.

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