becon-main no time to waste Even with 65% recycling by 2035, Northern Ireland will still produce over 500,000 tonnes of residual (black bin) waste that needs to be treated. no time to waste Agreed Circular Economy Targets allows a maximum of 10% of waste to landfill by 2035 – meaning we need a better solution to deal with our waste. no time to waste The Energy from Waste facility will produce enough electricity to power 30,000 homes directly contributing to decarbonisation targets no time to waste In 2019/20 NI exported over 235,000 tonnes of household waste to fuel energy from waste plants abroad or for disposal. This is both economically and environmentally unsustainable. no time to waste The Becon Project represents a £240m inward investment in necessary public infrastructure which will meet the needs of six NI councils and result in a council owned asset.

A 21st Century Solution to Manage Our Waste and Support the Transition to a Circular Economy

In line with the Northern Ireland Waste Strategy and the arc21 Waste Management Plan and in direct response to the requirements identified by arc21, the waste management group representing 6 Councils in the east of Northern Ireland, the Becon Consortium has developed plans to build integrated waste management infrastructure at the Hightown Quarry site on the Boghill Road, Mallusk. This will allow the councils to treat their residual (black bin) waste in a sustainable manner, avoiding the need to landfill or export this waste overseas, where it is used to fuel similar Energy from Waste plants abroad.

The Becon Project


Planning Decision Documents Added

The recent planning decision announced by the Minister for Infrastructure on Sunday 27th March following the dissolution of the NI Assembly ahead of the election on 5th May went against the

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Support our plans to manage our waste sustainably, maximise its value and create jobs and investment, while at the same time supporting the local community and respecting the environment.

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