The latest ‘STATE OF THE NATION’ INFRASRUCTURE REPORT from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) published in June 2014 has highlighted the importance of the delivery of Energy from Waste (EfW) projects as part of Northern Ireland’s long-term waste management strategy.

The report states:
Energy from Waste (EfW) plants have been developed across most of Europe and the UK to convert non-recyclable materials into energy. Several sites have been progressed through planning in NI but none have yet been developed. Rather than paying to export such waste and then paying for energy imports, EfW has the potential to shortcut the current system, reducing costs to the public and potentially creating new jobs.”

“We can boost our economy by developing EfW facilities within the region, thereby avoiding waste export and energy import charges. However, we must uphold the proximity principle by having treatment facilities close to the point of waste generation.”

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