Becon Consortium Statement re Planning Approval

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A spokesperson for the Becon Consortium said;

“The Becon Consortium welcomes the decision to grant planning permission for the arc21 Residual Waste Treatment Facility.

“We note that the decision followed the clear advice from the Planning Appeals report which recognised the strategic need for the facility, its compliance with regional waste policy and the significant environmental benefits the project will deliver. The independent Planning Appeal’s process was the appropriate platform to consider the facts around this project and to address any concerns raised through the planning application process.

“The £240m waste infrastructure project is designed to manage Northern Ireland’s residual waste in a sustainable and economically advantageous way.  Furthermore, it will contribute to Northern Ireland’s recycling levels and bring us into line with the rest of Europe, where such infrastructure has been operating successfully and safely for many years. It also represents a significant inward investment opportunity for Northern Ireland, bringing much needed jobs in both construction and operational phases, while making a significant contribution to the region’s own security of energy supply.”

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