Indaver Plant, Duleek, County Meath.

Becon Consortium

The Becon Consortium was formed to pursue the opportunity created by arc21’s public procurement for its residual waste treatment project.

The company behind the Becon Consortium is Indaver (NI) Ltd (previously known as EEW Energy from Waste UK Limited). 

Indaver has for over 25 years been providing integrated waste management services to public authorities. Each year, across 6 European countries Indaver manages more than 5 million tonnes of waste, the majority of which is either recovered as energy or recycled. For further details visit www.indaver.co.uk

In 2011 Indaver completed the construction of the first municipal Energy from Waste (EfW) plant on the island of Ireland.  The plant located at Duleek, Co. Meath provides a thermal treatment and recovery solution for 230,000 tonnes of household and commercial and industrial waste annually while generating renewable electricity to power 20,000 homes.

Elsewhere in the UK, Indaver is building a £400 million integrated waste management facility in Essex (operational 2025) and is the operator of an EfW in Aberdeen (operational 2022) which will provide a sustainable waste treatment solution to three local Authorities in the North East of Scotland.