We are keen to be an integral part of the local community and a good neighbour, should the project get the necessary consents. While we fully appreciate there have been concerns raised by some local people, we also know there are some in the Mallusk area who support the proposals and understand the value and benefits it can bring. We will continue to address concerns raised by the local community and welcome further engagement.

We appreciate that this technology is new to many in Northern Ireland, despite it being commonplace across the rest of Europe for over 30 years. We will use our many years of experience and the best available technology and processes to generate maximum value from local residual waste and to do so safely and in keeping with all the necessary regulatory requirements and safeguards which are critical for such projects. This approach will help to create a cleaner and brighter future for everyone, where like the rest of Europe we manage or waste in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

As well as creating local jobs and investment and delivering local road improvements, we are keen that the host community benefits directly from this project. Across six European countries Indaver actively participates in the community through a variety of channels such as sponsorship of events, clubs and societies and through a community benefit fund.

Local road improvements will be a feature of the project including the Boghill Road
Local road improvements will be a feature of the project including the Boghill Road

For example, since 2009 and through the Indaver Community Liaison Committee Indaver has supported a variety of schemes in the vicinity of the Meath Energy from Waste facility. Indaver make a donation to a local Community Fund for every tonne that is accepted into the Meath Waste-to-Energy facility.   The fund is managed by a Community Liaison Committee which consists of members of the local county council, local resident representatives and Indaver. The aim of the fund is to provide financial assistance to local community-based clubs and voluntary organisations for the development of environmental community projects and works in the locality. We would support a similar ‘community gain fund’  for the Becon project, where we could work with representatives from the local area to support the surrounding Mallusk and North Belfast area as best we can.

Visitor Centre

An integral part of the project will be a visitor centre which will be made available as a community and education resource.  It will showcase best practice in waste minimisation, reuse and recycling, as well as promote and inform visitors about the development of a circular economy and how we can all play our part in contributing to climate change targets.