Why this site?

Following a careful site selection process including assessment against planning policy and environmental constraints, Hightown Quarry was identified as the most suitable location to accommodate the integrated waste management facilities. The Hightown Quarry, Mallusk site was chosen because:

  • It is well placed in relation to the road network and the national electricity grid
  • It is a brownfield site and available for development
  • It is home to an operational quarry which provides opportunities to integrate new buildings within the varying quarry landform in a sensitive manner
  • It is near to existing waste landfill facilities, enabling current waste traffic to be easily redirected to the quarry site
  • The topography of the quarry site lends itself well to visual screening and noise shielding
  • It is a site which has unrestricted planning permission for quarrying operations and which has a construction waste/recycling planning history
  • It offers future potential for businesses/communities to avail of heat produced by the new facilities – supporting future commercial or domestic developments in the local area
  • It is a suitable size and shape for the proposed facilities
  • The proposed development is consistent with planning policy